million people speak

Czech, join us!

78 870
square km makes up

our small country in the
heart of Europe

1 603
meters measures

Czechia's highest mountain
- Sněžka

1 993
marks the year

when Czechia was founded,
after separating
from Slovakia

Study Programs

General Language and Conversation

When you need Czech for everyday situations.

This general language course is our most popular. Get a feel for Czech with our general language courses -- and when you’re ready to take it to another level, check out our Exam courses.

Learn how to get around in everyday situations, how to use everyday language, and basic grammar rules.
We’ll teach you everything you need and as a bonus we’ll educate you on famous Czech humor :)

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Preparation for Czech Language Certificate Exam (CCE)

When you want to certify your Czech.

This is the right choice if you already have some knowledge of Czech and want to have it certified. The CCE exam has different levels and it’s up to you which you choose.

This course will get you prepared for the exam, so you won't be surprised by anything.

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Preparation for Permanent Residency Test (A1)

When you need Czech for your permanent residence.

Don't be afraid of this exam for permanent residency. Our task is clear - to prepare you well for it.

During the course, you’ll learn everything needed for an A1 level of Czech, according to the requirements of the exam. And we’re sure that you won’t stop at A1!

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Preparation for Citizenship Exam (B1)

When you want to apply for the Czech citizenship.

Do you want to be an official citizen of the heart of Europe? We’ll improve your Czech and prepare you for the B1 exam. The test will be a breeze after taking this course.

You will go through the exam thoroughly with your teacher, also trying several mock tests to make sure you shine. We’ll prepare you 100%.

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5 reasons why us

  • Planning and scheduling of your lessons without spreadsheets

    Study in our classrooms or online, from home, office or hotel. You can also combine online and classroom learning. You can check your planned lessons in our online system, IJV24, and also cancel lessons or reschedule them there.

  • Respecting your needs

    We focus on what matters to you. Pick a time that’s best for you, when you can study efficiently and without stress. To make progress, we suggest lessons at least once a week, but the rest is up to you.

  • Managing your course made easy

    Your course is transparent and easy to understand. Login to IJV24. Check your progress and attendance there, communicate with us or cancel or move lessons.
    See all that matters at one glance!

  • Your progress is our progress

    With your teacher you will focus on what you need, learn efficiently and maximize your potential. Be and stay motivated. Success will come in no time.

  • Customer care that actually cares

    Our customer care is one of the best in class. We react immediately to customer requests. If you have any special requirements, our team will do their best to make them happen.

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10 questions about IJV, the universe and everything else

  • How soon can I start? Tomorrow?

    Even that’s possible. If we agree on everything in the morning and all goes as planned, we are able to prepare a course within 24 hours. But if you’re not pressed for time, we would be happy if you give us about 3 days to prepare your course. :)

  • Can I have classes at home?

    Online - yes, in person - no. In-person classes can be held at our classrooms downtown or you can have our teachers come to your office.

  • Can my classes be online?

    Absolutely! All we need to do is agree on the conferencing application that we will use.

  • I can't attend my lesson. What should I do?

    You can login to IJV24 24/7 and cancel your lesson. No explanation is necessary. If you don't have internet access when you need to cancel, just call us. We'll take care of things for you.

  • Can I have classes on the weekend?

    We can usually schedule classes on the weekend. Our standard classes are held Monday through Friday from 8am until 8.30pm, but if you're only available on weekends, we’ll work something out with you. The only issue is that it might take a little longer to prepare your class.

  • How do I get billed for my classes?

    Your billing plan depends on whether you decide to pay at the end of the month or if you prepay your lessons. Generally, we give discounts for prepayment of lessons. You can pay with: credit card, online, SEPA bank transfer, cash, or employee benefit services.

  • Should I prepare for the first lesson?

    Not at all! Just be positive, motivated and ready to learn :)

  • Can you recommend which textbooks to use in the course?

    Not only will we recommend what to use, but we can also provide the books for you at the first lesson. Let us save you time shopping for books!

  • Do you have a guaranteed satisfaction policy?

    Definitely. We want you to be 100 % satisfied with your course and we are happy to help you with any problems or challenges you might have. We are proud of our excellent customer support.

  • Can I study with a friend, wife, boyfriend?

    Absolutely! You can share the costs of the course and it will be cheaper for each of you.

Email info@ijv.cz We'll guide you to the right place. We're here to help.

Call 296 325 328 Opening hours 8:30 a 18:00.

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