Část I

  • Ann is at home. Her children at school.
  • I am a taxi driver. My sister is nurse.
  • they from Italy?
  • London is famous for red buses.
  • The students are from Italy. names are Susanna and Tito.
  • he like Chinese food?
  • He can't .
  • He lives in Paris with his three .
  • parents live in London too.
  • the 1st of January
  • I like .
  • the weekend
  • He's in love with but she doesn't love him.
  • The car is .
  • My grandfather's son a pilot too.
  • Where you last Saturday?
  • Why did you to be a doctor?
  • When the plane she turned on her mobile phone
  • Oh. What she wearing?
  • We can make pasta. Are there any tomatoes?
  • We don't buy vegetables.
  • She's a very bad student. She the exam.
  • The Scots make whiskey in the world.
  • This is building in the city.

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